About us

The farm is located in Šiauliai district, near Šiauliai – Riga road, near the Hill of Crosses. Initially, in 1989, there were only 25 ha of land obtained under the Farmers’ Farm Act. Cereals, sugar beet, rape were grown.Since 1995, the farm has been selling vegetables, because the fields are located alongside a running stream. This is a very important condition for growing vegetables. The farm has expanded. The land was leased and purchased from the surrounding owners. At present, the farm covers 500 hectares of land, with over 250 hectares of land. It is one of the largest vegetable farms in Lithuania.

The first steps in growing vegetables were made by the Dutch who brought the first three gardening projects to Lithuania. Three farms located in the counties of Vilnius, Alytus and Šiauliai were selected from the farmers of Lithuania of that time. In this farm, only half a hectare of beet, potatoes, onions, carrots and 3 ha of cabbage vegetables were grown in the first year. With the growing of vegetable growing technologies, the farm expanded and the range of vegetables grown changed. Today, vegetables are grown in an area of ​​250 ha. The rest of the land is leased to the surrounding cereal growers with the aim of maintaining the natural soil fertility and ensuring crop rotation. Only two cultured carrots and onions are left in the assortment of grown vegetables.

Today the farm is fully equipped with all the necessary soil tillage, crop management and vegetable harvesting techniques. It produces about 18,000 tons of production, about 13,000 tons of carrots and 5,000 tons of onions. Early carrots begin to dig in late July, onions in early August. The entire harvest for storage is removed in September – October.

All the grown products are stored in suitable storage facilities. Onions are stored in modern storage facilities in dryers where they are dried and preserved until spring. Carrots are stored in containers that are also stored in refrigerated storage units until April – May.

The production begins in late July and ends in April – May. The farm has all the most modern equipment needed for the initial production preparation. As an onion cleaning line with a yield of 40 t per day, various devices are adapted for packing onions from 0.5 to 25 kg. There is a modern carrot washing and polishing line, weighing and packing equipment for packing carrots in polyethylene and mesh bags from 1 to 10 kg.

There is also a processing plant on the farm with carrots and peeling onions all year round. Carrots are a shaving and abrasive shaving machine and a knife shaving machine. Onion peeling onion peeling technique. The farm can shave 4 t of carrots a day, 4 t shredding machine and 4 t peeled onion. 5 or 10 kg per day.

The farm also vacuumed 5 and 10kg of shredded production

Farm production is sold to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian traders.